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Annie Dods, MSc

Graphic Design Lead, Research Specialist

By marrying the two areas of design and quantitative data together into her new role as Graphic Design Lead & Research Specialist at Learning for Action, Annie has the exciting opportunity to bridge the gap that exists between data and how we visually report out to the field on action-oriented results. By consciously thinking about timely design philosophies and how people can best understand data, she plans to push make products more understandable and visually appealing for all audiences in order to accelerate learning and reflection in service of justice and equity.

As the Graphic Design Lead she collaborates with staff and clients to produce visually engaging external products, coordinates internal resources and collateral, supports business development by providing assistance to the design process with proposals and other field-facing documents, and explores new and engaging ways to engage staff in design best practices.

As a Research Specialist she provides quantitative research and related support to project teams by leading on data management and analysis processes in SPSS and Excel, creating accompanying data visualizations for reporting, and developing data dashboards and other database systems/solutions. She also provides support and guidance as an advisor to her colleagues.

Since joining Learning for Action in 2012, Annie has played an integral role on teams by utilizing her skills to support evaluation projects in a variety of fields, such as K-12 education, science and environmental education, leadership development, housing, and mental health.

Prior to joining LFA, Annie worked at Shared Intelligence, a London-based economic development consultancy. She interned at Ebenezer Howard’s Town and Country Planning Association, The San Francisco Housing Action Coalition, and Asian Neighborhood Design.

Annie is an East Bay native. She enjoys spending time with her Australian Cattle Dog/Corgi mix named Pepperjack, exploring California by motorcycle, and relaxing in Santa Cruz.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Urban Planning and Studies, San Francisco State University

  • Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts, San Francisco State University

  • Master of Science, Housing and Regeneration, London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Certificate in Graphic Design, UC Berkeley Extension

Selected Project Experience

  • Schusterman Family Foundation Fellowship and Alumni evaluation and learning partner

  • Evaluation of Genentech’s Futurelab Initiative

  • Landscape Analysis for the National Park Foundation

  • The Better Results Toolkit

  • Strategic Planning for SF-Marin Food Bank

  • Evaluation of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s Silicon Valley Common Core Initiative

  • Evaluation of the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Behavioral Health Services’ Wellness Management and Recovery Program Pilot

  • Evaluation of Center for Effective Philanthropy Subscriber Assessment Tools