Creating interview and
focus group questions

Generally, create “how” and “why” questions that lend themselves to qualitative data collection through interviews and focus groups. Make sure each question you include in your interview/focus group protocol addresses a specific aspect of your learning questions and Theory of Change. Review your Theory of Change, your worksheets, and Measurement Plan to craft questions that can be directly tied back to your process and outcome metrics.

Start with questions that generate information that relates to the process components of your measurement plan, specifically, to your program participation metrics.

Now build questions to generate information that relates to your outcomes and, specifically, to your outcome metrics.
Click on the image below to access the Focus Group Protocol Example 2D.

Preparation is the key to conducting successful interviews and focus groups

Being prepared and understanding how to conduct a one-on-one or group conversation is vital to collecting useful qualitative data. Be sure to review all of the links we’ve included in these sections including Tips for Taking Notes in Focus Groups.