Make sure each question you ask is included in your survey for an actionable purpose – i.e., because it addresses a specific aspect of your learning questions and Theory of Change, and can be used to reflect on program improvements. Surveys include questions that are prompted by your overall learning questions and map to specific metrics, which are linked to specific outcomes. These are the outcomes and outcome metrics that you developed in Phase 1. Sit down with your TOC, Phase 1 worksheets, and Measurement Plan to craft questions that you can easily and coherently tie to your process and outcome metrics.

This table can help you use your Theory of Change outcomes and metrics to determine your survey questions:


Check out these examples to help you create survey questions based on your outcomes and metrics. These are examples of possible post-program survey questions, and are designed for a middle to high school-aged program.
Tip: See the companion survey for more examples. COMING SOON.