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Our newsletter, The Learning Curve, provides practical resources, tools, and insights from LFA's team and client partnerships. Our goals are to:

  • Highlight examples from our projects about what’s working to achieve social impact for all types of social sector organizations, from community-based organizations to county and statewide public agencies, to large national grantmakers and thinktanks;
  • Ground practice-based learning in theoretical frameworks to help practitioners understand the relevance of what we’re learning and how it applies to their own work, to make deeper meaning of their own thinking and experience; and

  • Share tools for assessment, reflection, and planning to spark ideas for learning, effectiveness, and impact.

Consistent with our mission, our aim is to advance the sustainability and impact of social sector organizations. And, consistent with our name, we endeavor to share learning that results in action that will bring greater equity and justice to all communities.

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We hope you find The Learning Curve to be useful in your work. Happy learning for action!