Elba Garcia, MPP

Senior Consultant & Technology Strategist

Elba is a data strategist and manager with over eight years of experience tackling complex social problems and promoting change in the fields of education, housing, transportation, and environmental health. Since joining LFA in 2011, Elba has put her analytical and management skills to work for government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropic organizations. As a project manager, Elba is responsible for project performance and success, ensuring effective communication and collaboration with clients and their stakeholders, and the development and delivery of timely, high-quality products that contribute to effective decision-making and strategy. Elba applies her deep experience with quantitative and qualitative research to her passion for social justice through her extensive work engaging underrepresented communities in data collection, analysis, and reporting processes. As a visual thinker and communicator, Elba enjoys translating complex findings into visual displays to maximize insight and understanding by diverse audiences with varying degrees of exposure, comfort, and attention spans for data.

Prior to joining LFA, Elba held positions with the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the Office of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, USC/UCLA Southern California Environmental Health Science Center, and the Center for Civic Education.

Elba is adventurous with her food palate – trying out a new food at the farmers’ market or an ethnic dish she cannot pronounce – and enjoys learning languages; she speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and dabbles in Mandarin, French, Maya-K’iche’, and many more languages.  


  • Bachelor of Arts, Anthropological Sciences, Stanford University
  • Master of Public Policy, University of Southern California

Selected Project Experience

  • Evaluation of the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation’s Connecting for Success Initiative
  • Evaluation of the HOPE SF Initiative, a public-private partnership led by the San Francisco Foundation, Enterprise Community Partners, and the City and County of San Francisco.
  • Community Needs Assessment of the Sunnydale Public Housing Site for Mercy Housing
  • Strategic Planning and Research for the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth, & their Families
  • Strategic Planning and Evaluation Technical Assistance for the Silicon Valley Community Foundation