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Who We Are


Who We Are

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LFA's mission is to partner with social sector organizations to advance knowledge, capacity, and culture of learning in the service of equity and justice.

Since our start in 2000, we have engaged with hundreds of organizations across the United States and internationally to collect and interpret the data they need to design and implement strategies that achieve their desired impact. 

What makes us unique?

We take a capacity-building approach – one that supports organizations to sustain the work of becoming even more effective on their own. We believe that the best and most enduring way for an organization to increase its impact is to develop its capacity as a learning organization. In all our engagements, we share our thinking, collaborate throughout the process, and provide our clients with the tools to engage in ongoing organizational learning and reflection.

We work best and most uniquely at the intersection of evaluation and strategy. With consultants who have expertise in both disciplines, we bring a holistic approach to understanding an organization’s learning practices and culture. We help organizations to assess their performance and make data-driven decisions, ensuring they are well-positioned to refine their strategy and achieve greater impact.


Community-oriented nonprofit, philanthropic, and public sectors sharing their knowledge in the service of equity and justice.

Communities of people working to honor and preserve cultural integrity, secure the health and well-being of their members, cultivate creativity, and promote equity and justice.

LFA as a community reflects our vision, striving towards continuous learning, responsibility, and participation while cultivating satisfaction, challenge, and a sense   of purpose.




Integrity. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of quality and ethics. We engage authentically, and address difficult issues directly in the service of continuous learning, growth, and improvement.

Curiosity. We ask questions and listen intently to understand the context, needs, concerns, and strengths of organizations and communities in support of mutual learning and growth. We work to actively include and amplify voices of people who are most affected by injustice.

Collaboration. We recognize that change in communities, organizations, and systems requires genuine partnership in thought and action. Our collaborative approach draws on diverse talents and yields a rich exchange of ideas that foster creative solutions for meaningful change.

Compassion. We approach our work with sensitivity, awareness, understanding, and humility.