In September 2000, after eleven years as a research and evaluation consultant,
Steven LaFrance launched LaFrance Associates, LLC (LFA) – the first incarnation of LFA.

Steven started LFA as a venue to help organizations in the nonprofit, public, and philanthropic sectors attain the information, tools, and resources they require to fulfill their missions, and achieve greater social justice. Since 2000, LFA has worked with hundreds of organizations and colleagues united by the common purpose of creating a more just, healthy and sustainable world. We are extremely grateful for all that our clients and colleagues have accomplished, as well as for what they have contributed to our own learning and growth.



Today, LaFrance Associates, LLC is Learning for Action (LFA).

Our team's diverse talents, wisdom and capacity outgrew Steven's name. Thus, in 2009, we became Learning for Action. “Learning for Action” means that we provide actionable, data-driven insights and recommendations based on rigorous research that also is grounded in a community perspective to catalyze social change. 

We changed our name to acknowledge the value that our full team brings to our work. LFA has a progressive, consensus-seeking, participatory company management philosophy as well as a team-based project model. Each member of LFA is seen as an equal contributor in the direction and success of the company. Indeed, the uniquely consistent high quality of LFA’s work is a direct reflection of how well our combined strength and experience work together.