We bring methodological expertise, connection to the community, and a passion for learning to our evaluation engagements. By presenting high-quality analysis in accessible products combined with thoughtful facilitation, we make it easy for organizations to make data-driven decisions about what’s next. 


While each evaluation is unique, most engagements involve four phases:

Phase 1: Develop Theory of Change and/or Logic Model. LFA will help your organization develop a Theory of Change and/or build a logic model, or clarify your existing framework(s) as needed. These frameworks provide a roadmap that will guide our work together.

Phase 2: Identify Metrics and Measurement Plans.  LFA will work with your organization to craft customized evaluation plans and measurement tools for assessing program implementation and outcomes, based on your evaluation questions.

Phase 3: Assess Program Implementation and Outcomes. We conduct a wide range of evaluations, customizing our methods to each organization’s needs, organizational and program life cycle stage, and key questions:

  • Formative evaluations provide feedback about what’s working and what could work better, and inform mid-course adjustments.
  • Summative evaluations tell the story of results for organizations with well-defined and tested program models.
  • Process evaluations assess progress on program plans, quality of implementation, and fidelity to codified models.
  • Outcomes evaluations measure individual, community, or institutional change to which a program or initiative has contributed.
  • Impact evaluations are designed with sufficient rigor to provide insight into the changes attributable to a given intervention.

Phase 4: Facilitate Reflection and Learning. With results in hand, LFA expertly facilitates a process to help organizations make meaning of the data in a way that informs decisions and actions to strengthen their work and support their missions. We can help you build systems and processes for reflecting on and using data strategically, nurturing an organizational culture of using data for ongoing learning.

LFA’s disciplined, methodical, and responsive approach to evaluation will leave you with data you can trust. We love seeing what our clients can do with this kind of actionable information! 



To inquire about our evaluation services, please contact:

JT Taylor
Director of Research and Evaluation

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