As a company committed to disrupting patterns of inequity and supporting our clients in working toward a more just world, LFA embraces continual learning on the topics of equity, power, privilege, oppression, and justice. In both our consulting work and internal operations, we strive to amplify the voices and experiences of those typically with less power to define success and influence decision-makers. We place a strong emphasis on analyzing issues through a racial justice lens. We are committed to proactively identifying and addressing implicit bias and power dynamics in our own and clients’ work to avoid perpetuating an unjust status quo.

Our focus on equity is nurtured by our Director of Equitable Practice and our Equity Leadership Team, who supports the LFA team in embedding an equity, racial justice, and social justice lens into our consulting work and  champions ongoing personal and organizational reflection at LFA.

We have found the following resources invaluable in our own equity learning and consulting journey and hope you will too.


Resources to enhance understanding of the concepts of privilege, oppression, and equity


Tools, curricula, and other resources for applying equity concepts


Blogs and podcasts to follow for a steady diet of thought provoking and actionable ideas