Once you have packaged your results, consider the most effective way to disseminate these findings.
You might share findings in one or more ways, such as:

  • In-person presentation
  • Print format, distributed in person or via postal service
  • Electronic format, shared via email
  • Posting on your organization website
  • Press release
  • Writing a white paper based on results
  • Conference paper or presentation
  • Webinar or video conference
Considerations for dissemination

Package the findings differently for stakeholders with different perspectives and/or goals?
  • Ask yourself, what do I want these stakeholders to do with the information? Your intended next steps may be different for board members, staff, funders, participants, community members, the professional community, etc.
  • Consider how to best package findings for each type of stakeholder, and then how to effectively share the final product with each of these audiences.
Consider providing multiple exposures to the results.
  • Sometimes data can be hard to digest. Give your stakeholders sufficient time and opportunity to engage with your findings in more than one context so they are well-prepared to provide feedback, or take action!