Articulate the Hypothesis

A hypothesis is a summary statement that captures what you think you can achieve with the target population that receives the core components of the program. Be specific and include the dosage and duration for the program components.

Follow this formula:

If we serve [target population] with [services at X dosage and Y duration]
then we can achieve [statement of outcomes].


  • Environmental stewardship: IF we engage low-income youth of color from Richmond in hands-on skill building, education on relevant and local environmental issues, and service projects that help their communities, THEN they will feel more comfortable and spend more time outdoors, demonstrate responsible environmental stewardship behaviors, and continue to learn about and engage with local environmental issues.

  • Workforce readiness: IF our program provides intensive job training and work opportunities for youth who are at risk of entering or continuing in the juvenile justice system, teaches them leadership, teamwork, and critical job skills, and provides access to work experiences to engage the youth in stewardship professions, THEN we expect they will have the professional skills needed to find, apply for, and sustain work in any sector, become more connected to the environment, and be more likely to pursue jobs in the environment field.

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