by Nancy Latham   |  June 7, 2019

If you run an advocacy campaign, you definitely have ideas about the ways it’s making progress. You can see the stumbling blocks, and you may be able to point to dramatic and obvious success. If you are documenting and reflecting on all this, you are also engaging in evaluation and learning – even if you don’t call it that! But along the way, chances are you have bumped up against these types of questions:


And then there is the fundamental question of how to spend time and money: We live in the real world of resource constraints – should we be spending valuable resources on data collection and analysis when that means cutting into time and money that we could spend on our campaign?

To find out the answer click here to read my recent blog post published on GrantSpace, and explore the opportunity to attend a two part webinar on June 20 and July 25 that will highlight the challenges for evaluating advocacy and ways to apply general evaluation methods successfully.


The webinars will be hosted by Nancy Latham and Elba Garcia from Learning for Action on GrantSpace.

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