Guiding Questions

Now that you have thought about your learning questions, determined your target population and program participation metrics, revisited your outcomes and outcome metrics, and considered your approaches to measurement, you can use these questions and resources to guide the next stage in developing your measurement plan:
  • In what stage of development is the program? Should we focus on tracking target population and program participation metrics only at this time, or is the time right to track outcome metrics as well?
  • What capacity and resources do we have currently to engage in measurement efforts?
  • What do we need to know about how our program(s) are doing and the extent to which they are achieving results, and what is interesting but not essential to know?
  • How will we use the data and what we learn?
  • How can we make our measurement efforts systematic and ongoing?
Additional Considerations

As you gather information from target populations, the following considerations can be important to your success, and to perceptions of your organization and programs:

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Components of Measurement Plans

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Measurement Plan Worksheet